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Are you a Health Care Provider that is looking for a specialist in late term abortion for either fetal or maternal indications?

Dr. Josepha Seletz is available 24 hours a day for phone consultation with health care providers (physicians, genetic counselors, and RNs).  You can speak to her directly.

In-patient care is available 365 days a year for patients who need immediate care such as severe pre-eclampsia, P-SPROM, and amnionitis.  Dr. Seletz is on staff at Cedars-Sinai and is able to accept hospital-to-hospital transfer when D&E is the recommended treatment.  

Since 2001, Dr. Seletz was the only physician at Eve Surgical Center (Los Angeles, California abortion clinic). She has more experience than any other physician currently practicing in California that performs abortions for maternal and fetal indications through the third trimester. Following in the tradition of Dr. Jim McMahon, she is the provider of last resort.

Joining Dr. Seletz in her new location is Rob MacLennan, CRNA, who worked with her at Eve Surgical Center since 2001. And Angela Lopez, a 20 year veteran of Eve Surgical Center from the time Dr. McMahon established the facility.

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