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A late term abortion is a procedure performed in the third trimester of pregnancy. This type of abortion can only be performed by a handful of doctors in the United States. Dr. Josepha Seletz at Pro-choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California has the knowledge and extensive experience necessary to help patients through a late trimester abortion.

Late Term Abortion Q & A

What preparation is required for a late term abortion?

For a late term abortion at Pro-choice Medical Center, a referral from either a perinatologist or a maternal-fetal medicine specialist is required. Medical records can be faxed directly from the doctor's office to Pro-choice Medical Center, and phone consultations are available before an appointment is made. This type of abortion is performed only in cases of fetal indication. In late term abortions, the fetus typically has a severe birth defect that means life would be very short, very painful, or both. Dr. Josepha Seletz is one of just a few doctors in the US who has the experience needed to successfully perform late term abortions. Dr. Seletz will work closely with the patient and the referring physician to make sure that all necessary preparations are made. All late term abortions are handled with compassion, sensitivity, and expertise at Pro-choice Medical Center.

What is the procedure for a late term abortion?

A late term abortion is typically done over a period of 3-4 days. During the first appointment, Dr. Seletz will perform an ultrasound to verify gestational age of the fetus. Digoxin is typically administered after that using ultrasound guidance. The fetus will then be removed either through labor induction or dilation and evacuation, depending on the specific case.

What type of anesthesia is used in late term abortions?

Women can select the type of anesthesia they prefer. Almost all late term abortion patients choose IV anesthesia. With IV anesthesia, the patient will be completely asleep for the whole procedure. Twilight anesthesia, an option which allows the patient to be awake during the procedure, is also available. While patients may doze lightly during the procedure, they will be aware of sounds and feelings while under twilight anesthesia. Call or schedule an appointment online at Pro-Choice Medical Center.