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A second trimester abortion can be done between the 13th and 24th week of gestation. At Pro-choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, second trimester abortions are skillfully performed by Dr. Josepha Seletz. Women can rely on Pro-choice Medical Center to help them through the procedure safely.

Second Trimester Abortion Q & A

What is the procedure for a second trimester abortion?

Second trimester abortions between 13 and 18 weeks are typically performed via D&E (dilation and evacuation.) A second trimester abortion is typically a 2 day procedure, with the cervix dilation being performed mechanically on the first day. The laminaria is inserted in the cervix, where it will stay until the next day when the evacuation is performed. After 19 weeks, an injection will be given using ultrasound guidance on the first day. The following day, the abortion is done via vacuum aspiration and forceps removal. For women who are still in the early part of the second trimester, up to the 13 or 14 week mark, only one appointment is needed. The cervix is treated with misoprostol about 4 hours before the evacuation is performed.

How are abortions due to fetal abnormalities or fetal death handled?

In cases of second trimester abortion due to fetal abnormalities or the death of the fetus, Dr. Seletz will consult with the patient's obstetrician or perinatologist. Medical records can be faxed directly from the doctor's office to Pro-choice Medical Center to aid in the consultation process between the doctors. Patients will receive customized care based on their specific case, and the entire procedure will be handled with the highest levels of sensitivity and compassion by the Pro-choice Medical Center team.

What type of anesthesia is used in second trimester abortions?

Women can select the type of anesthesia they prefer. The majority of patients choose IV anesthesia, as it allows them to be completely unaware and asleep through the procedure. Twilight anesthesia, in which the patient is sedated but awake, is also an option. Although patients may doze lightly during the procedure, they’ll be aware of sounds and feelings when under twilight anesthesia. Call Pro-Choice Medical Center or schedule an appointment online.